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Language Lab

In a globalized economy, English Language is established as the major transactional language. The classes in Business English Laboratory emphasize not only on verbal communication, but also on non verbal traits like body Language, mannerism, dressing up, social etiquettes, voice modulation, intonation etc.

Language Laboratory are the order of the day with a number of companies attaching top priority to communication skills on English Language during campus recruitment. To provide the cutting edge tools in imparting there skills, Srusti Academy has set up state of the art Digital Multimedia Business English Laboratory. Equipped with computers and software that enable honing of communication skills through several activities such as:

  • Listening to several speeches and representing in own words
  • Listening activities for Accent Neutralization
  • Learning the Sounds of English for Correct Pronunciation
  • Body language in GD & Presentation
  • Reading activities for comprehension and note making
  • Grammar Exercises (online)

The students get continuous and instant feedback and also an opportunity to improve as per the guidelines provided. The centre provides a platform for multi-user interface through digital function and multimedia combinations. The lab is manned by professional teachers specially trained in English & Foreign Languages University (EFLU), Hyderabad.