"Announcement : The date of applications for admission to Ph.D. program for the year 2023 extended to 28.07.23 (Friday)."
Wi-Fi Campus

Wi-Fi System:
The Wireless network for all the computer Systems are established through a wireless fidelity as well as through the structured cables as a back-up support. We have installed Wi-Fi connectivity through installation of LANBIT Power Bridge with wireless cards installed in strategic systems.

Technology has entered campuses in a big way and its use has revolutionized the entire knowledge delivery system. The institute’s wi-fi campus is a blend of modern form and functionality. State of the art multimedia lecture halls, comfortable seating arrangements, library, computer lab, language lab, auditorium, hostel accommodation, cafeteria and transport are all meant to support value-based teaching.

IP address for Users:

We are providing IP address to different machines according to their workgroups. Presently we are having 05 workgroups for our intranet propose and configure mobile devices i.e. laptops in the campus with separates IP address. For accessing wireless we have a separate IP address and password that we provided to our students & faculties.