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Industry Visit

Regular industry visits enhance the practical knowledge. Students directly interact with all levels of management which expose them to various practices in different industries.

Industry Visit to OCL

Srusti Academy of Management arranged an industry visit for 2nd semester students of MBA & MAM 2016-18 batches to OCL. The visit was organized with the objective of giving them an insight into the production and operation processes at the particular industry and to help them connect the dots between the theoretical knowledge and its practical application. The students gathered Informational details imparted by the guide about the whole process of work starting from production to dispatch. Prof. Sandhya Darshan Dash, Prof. Sujeet Patra and Prof. Ashwee Abhisikta accompanied the students

Industry Visit to OMFED

With an intention of exposing students to real life experience of industry activities and enhancing Industry- Institute interaction and Tie-Up, Srusti Academy of Management arranged an industry visit for 1st Semester students of MBA 2013-15 Batch to OMFED Dairy, Bhubaneswar. The students visited various units of the dairy plant and were educated about process of storage, separation and pasteurization of raw milk. Mr, Piyush Mishra, The Plant Manager, OMFED explained about the plant performance and various promotional measures taken by the company for its brand building.

As part of the syllabus curriculum, selected students are given an opportunity to study practical aspect of a topic selected by their mentor. The practical aspect/functioning is studied in an organization, wherein the students understand, analyze and interact with industry professional for a clear understanding of the topic.