"Practice is the hardest part of learning, and training is the essence of transformation".

To meet the demands of the job market, students must enrich themselves with the industry needs. These days training stands as one of the important part to make the young generation capable of meeting various industrial demands. We have developed this module to offer skill development courses for the students to enhance their analytical, logical, social, interpersonal and other skills like mental aptitude, reasoning, GK,IT etc. along with their effective communication.

The Globalization of business has brought technical communication to the forefront of academia and industry. With the world acquiring major achievements in the Global market and commerce becoming a more self oriented factor, the present day students are facing newer challenges in communication every day.

The present day training holds an important role in making the students more corporate ready. Young minds of management domain will be able to gather the spirit of real etiquette. A student can develop his/her social, logical, analytical and communicative skills only through proper training. Proper training can only build up students’ confidence and enhance their performance.

The training department of Srusti Academy of Management aims at making students corporate ready. It conducts group discussions and workshops on a series of recruitment techniques. Students are trained to develop their skills to handle interviews in the best manner possible. Mock tests have been made mandatory and other industry-relevant evaluation procedures are followed. In addition, the Placement Cell helps students improve their communication and presentation skills