"Excellent Business School"- Odisha 2014 award by CMAI, New Delhi supported by Ministry of MSME, MNRE and AICTE


Training & Personality Development Activities

The training department of Srusti Academy of Management aims at making the students acquainted with the corporate work culture. Students are groomed accordingly to cater the expectations of the corporate world. With this perspective, from the very beginning of the session, the training department makes the student assessment on the basis of their previous academic performance and communication skill. The focus is mainly given upon the nourishment of communication skill and inculcating the managerial skills within them. The in-house training sessions are conducted under the supervision of experienced trainers of the institute.

Professional trainers from the corporate sectors and other recognized institutes are also invited from time to time to provide training to students. To provide necessary training in the area of communication, the institute is equipped with a state-of-the-art Multimedia language Lab which is extensively used for this purpose.


Semester-wise training programme is planned to give equal attention to all the students. The personality development and the soft skill classes are conducted for several activities such as-

  • Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking Skill Improvement
  • English language training in Digital Language Lab with latest software
  • Group activities
  • Individual/ Group presentation skills

Students are encouraged to take up industrial visits to gain practical insights on the operations and practices vis-a-vis theoretical knowledge. The Interactions with the executives in the industry give ample practical exposure to the students.

Digital Language Laboratory

To improve the communication skills, teaching language through use of interactive software has been facilitated. Digital language lab is used by students under supervision of trained teachers for completing assignments on phonetics, intonations, vocabulary etc.it is beneficial in improvement of the fluency in speaking, comprehension skill while reading and listening, creative skill while writing.